Michael Williams of Angourie, Australia, made global headlines in 2008 after an epic 16-kilometre swim to shore to raise the alarm that the prawn trawler he had been a deckhand on, had sunk off New Brighton, north of Byron Bay.

Tragically, Williams' school mate and captain of the Sea Rogue, Alan 'Charlie' Picton was lost at sea. Fortunately rescue authorities were able to save the life of a second deckhand, John 'JJ' Jarrett, found exhausted after 32 hours at sea clinging to a red plastic tub.

Williams, talented singer-songwriter, waterman, and tradesman, won two major bravery awards for his actions on that fateful night and day, changing his life forever and etching the dramatic event into local folklore.

As a heartfelt tribute to Charlie and also dedicated to Michael's young daughter Gypsy, Williams has written a true survivor's tale in spoken word, a powerful piece which has moved audiences at public readings and is now published in print.